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A journey to the Amazon Rainforest for healing
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3rd Nov 2021 - 1st Dec 2021Balsa Puerto, Chavín de Huántar, the price includes airticket!1590 EUR

Before starting to describe what represents attending to my expedition to Peru I would like to explain what I actually don't offer. First of all, therefore I'm not a travel agency which would have to get clients at any price to cover its operating costs and I don't take participants to places where travel agents usually carry their clients. This is reflected for example that way that I choose participants of expedition, I don't depend on their interest and I don't struggle to satisfy their whims. Primarily, my trips are designed for visitors of my workshops, my patients and acquaintances who want to continue the work they already started. There's no way to take part in expedition until I meet personally the person who wants to attend it. A whole month in Peru we often go through strenuous and exhausting situations which test even the most steady nature, due to intensive perceptions the time is stretching there that after a month you feel like you spent half a year instead - and you would also choose who you spend half the year every day with.

The expedition is not suitable for individuals addicted to marijuana, because ayahuasca doesn't take effect to them and their behavior, perhaps influenced by the presence of THC in their body, causing even more problems, so their participation has no point for them and for me at all. Addiction to other substances I leave unconsidered, because such a people don't usually plan any trip to South America for financial reasons.

Seekers of psychedelic experiences who expect a lot of visions or hallucinations and don't come to satisfaction without them also are not right candidates. My expeditions are focused on shamanism cognition meant how to become a conscious and integrated personality capable to help in irreplaceable way to himself and to others. It's about something much deeper than just the use of hallucinogens.

Also, I'm not interested too much in fans of wonders such as a UFO. Shamanism is about exploring reality as it is (ie non-dualistic) - fascination by UFOs, hyperspace and eschatological excesses is the exact opposite of this effort. If you honestly and vigilantly aim at your inner-self and stop to regard it as something distant and extraterrestrial then paradoxically for instance the contact with glowing flying disc becomes almost a normal part of your life (I speak from my own experience).

Shamanism is about the quest for integrity and the full awareness of your inwardness and potential - ie getting rid of dualistic perception of the world. If you take your place in the dualistic world and yourself too seriously, even if a crisis in your life didn't convince you that you need to be looking for other foot-stones for your life and you just want to understand dualism and perhaps synchronicity, but after returning from Peru to turn things back to normal and not to change anything, you should leaf through the catalogs of travel agencies – there is a sufficient number of offers to relax in five-star hotels, all inclusive, that your current understanding of the world leave untouched.

track 1_Tarapoto_Yurimaguas

So if you are interested in further reading I suggest you download a file containing my GPS routes that can be opened in Google Earth – that way you can see the exact route you will be passing with me in Peru. Intuitive program control (described on pages http://support.google.com/earth or just try the arrows on your keyboard in combination with the SHIFT or CTRL key and also the keys N, U, PgUp and PgDown) will allow you to go through the route in your computer as it suits you. If you haven't got Google Earth in your computer yet you can download and install it from the website http://www.google.com/earth/download/ge/agree.html If you have got Google Earth installed you can open the file Tracks.kmz (eg CTRL+O) and in the left panel named 'Places' find a line appearing as ⊞ ☑ Tracks.kmz followed by 14 different routes. After double clicking the name of the route you will get entire route displayed in the main window on the map.

My duties and obligations arising from the contract concluded with expedition's participants I start to perform in Tarapoto – all the group arrives to the Tarapoto airport and hire a car to travel to the town of Yurimaguas (route '1_Tarapoto_Yurimaguas'). There we stay for couple of days sampling the local gastronomy and buying all the supply for stay in the jungle.

track 2_Yurimaguas_Balsa_Puerto

When everything is ready we travel by boat up the river Paranapura and its tributary Cachiyacu to the town of Balsa Puerto (route '2_Yurimaguas_Balsa'). Although there is a square, municipal building, hospital, school and a few stores with elementary goods in the center, the surroundings look more like many individual Indian settlements. This place makes you feel comfortable however not providing entirely all the conveniences. You'll hardly find another place where you can meet such a original ayahuasca tradition in combination with quietness for work on your inner-self and equanimity. Balsa Puerto is accessible only by boat, isn't crossed by any road, so there are no cars and even there is no electricity supply up today - just a few mestizo homes use a diesel unit to feed their DVD-players. Surrounding hills covered by virgin jungle will entice you to make a short walks, longer trips, tours and jungle treks - clean energy absorbed there together with complete absence of civilization will lead you very deep into previously neglected levels of the mind. Purification by ayahuasca, bathing in crystal pure waterfall and stay in power zones (mysterious stones covered by petroglyphs – Cumpanama) mean great beginning of the expedition for sure which can also be treated as compulsory. Participants achieve there the most important experience, so due to it some special offers just for stay in Balsa Puerto can appear in the future. Visiting of the other offered places is more likely optional - participants decide among themselves which places want to visit or make up their mind through the voting.

Besides of the boat trip Balsa Puerto can also be reached by foot (route '3_Yurimaguas_Balsa_footpath'). In this case your luggage has to be carried by boat anyway, because only the strongest and enduring persons can handle this trek even without any load.

track 4_Tarapoto_Moyobamba

Moyobamba city is located just 50 km from Balsa Puerto, but through the impenetrable mountain jungle, so because of that we travel to Moyobamba via 350 km long route leading through the starting point Tarapoto (route '4_Tarapoto_Moyobamba'). Moyobamba is nicknamed 'City of Orchids' (Ciudad de la Orquídea) with a number of fragrant gardens and exhibitions that have no equivalent in the world. Altitude and specific climate suits the more than two thousand species of orchids - orchids statue on the fountain in the middle of the main square also wants to point out this uniqueness. Out of major orchid festival in early November there are all year working orchid gardens, botanical gardens, butterfly farms, thermal and sulphurous baths. Water flowing from the hills creates around Moyobamba number of waterfalls - the most famous and popular is called 'Cataratas del Gera'.

It's possible to travel directly from Moyobamba to Huancabamba (route '5_Moyobamba_Huancabamba') - center of mountain shamanism. Many local healers called 'huancabambinos' are famous throughout Peru - they use a decoction of the San Pedro cactus, a strong extract of tobacco and energy of the sacred lagoons Huaringas. It has become repeatedly verified that bath in one of the lagoons in the area (mostly Shimbe or laguna Negra) purify your personal energy and accelerates your further spiritual progress which is no longer suppressed by accumulated energy strains. If a healing wand (purposely crumbling and grinding energy indurations) and healing perfume are used after the bath you go home literally energetically reborn – free of the heavy boulders you have been still dragging completely unaware. The stay at an altitude of two thousand meters only five degrees south latitude is very pleasant and could be livened up by visit of the waterfalls 'el Citan,' archeological site 'Templo de los Jaguares' and geologically rare valley 'el Valle de los Infiernillos'.

track 7_Pedro_Ruiz_Kuelap

If we go from Moyobamba by bus then we have to travel to Huancabamba from Chiclayo (route '6_Chiclayo_Huancabamba').

If we move around from Moyobamba using our own conveyance we can turn left at junction in Pedro Ruiz to the road to Chachapoyas. There is to be found the Kuelap fortress about 60 km in this direction (route '7_Pedro_Ruiz_Kuelap'). This unique monument at an altitude of 3000 meters had been created by civilization of white Indians before Inca empire arose. Genotype of 'blond' with blue eyes appeared right here a long time before discovery of the New World and used three times more material than it would fill the Great Pyramid of Giza for mysteriously precise construction on top of the mountain. You can try to figure out on your own the purpose of buildings as 'Templo Mayor' - expanding and opening up towards the sky. Gocta Waterfalls are located between Pedro Ruiz and Kuelap (route '8_Pedro_Ruiz_Gocta') - the fifth longest waterfalls of the world with free-falling water (1. Angel Falls in Venezuela - 979 m, 2. Tugela Falls in South Africa - 948 m, 3. Ramnefjellsfossen in Norway - 818 m, 4. Mongefossen in Norway - 773 m, 5. Gocta in Peru - 771 m).

We keep going further from Huancabamba to the Pacific coast passing City of Piura. The first option is Mancora on the edge of Guayaquil Bay (route '9_Canchaque_Mancora'). Despite the constraints imposed by the number of tourists offers possibilities of a perfect relaxation and energy eking in warmer part of the Pacific Ocean (almost all the Peruvian coast is affected by cold Humboldt Current, just the part between Mancora and Tumbez falls within influence of warm Equatorial Countercurrent). Sum of powerfully soothing effects gradually gets you into a state of complete physical and mental release, carefreeness and timelessness.

track 10_Piura_Bayovar

Other option is Bayovar at the edge of Sechura desert (route '10_Piura_Bayovar') which is an important Peruvian fishing center. Temperature of the ocean is noticeably cooler for bathing here, but regarding calming effects to your mind Bayovar offers the same possibilities like Mancora. Archaeological findings in Sechura desert indicate extremely concentrated occurrence of already unknown form of shamanism in the area around Bayovar. Gourmands will appreciate the fresh fish meals in local restaurants.

Afterwards we set off for a long journey to Lima (route '11_Olmos_Lima') which can be eased by purchase of air tickets from Piura to Lima at an additional cost. Then we head towards Huaraz (route '12_Lima_Huaraz') by bus or by air for another surcharge.

Huaraz is located in valley of the river 'Rio Santa' – so called 'Cellejón de Huaylas' between the highest mountains in Peru 'Cordillera Blanca' and mountains 'Cordillera Negra'. The uniqueness of this place attracts tourists from the whole world what makes this place convenient – nobody shouts 'gringo...' to any visitor, but it also affects the prices for all services. The places worth visiting are: the hot springs of Monterrey modified into a spa (or similar Chancos spa), the famous three-day trek Santa Cruz offering the most beautiful views of white peaks of the Andes including the highest one of Peru 'El Huascaran' (6768 meters above sea level - the highest mountain of the tropics) and of azure lagoon Chinan cocha (Llanganuco), Jatun cocha, Púsac cochas ... , the glacier Pastoruri (5,240 m) utilized for skiing / snowboarding and surrounded by the world's tallest bromelias Raimondii Puya (up to 10 m high) growing only at an altitude of over 3,500 meters.

track 13_Huaraz_Chavin

For a real energy challenge we travel through the mountain range (in the highest point of 4,550 m.a.s.l. through the tunnel Cahuish) to neighboring gorge called Callechon de los Conchucos (Route '13_Huaraz_Chavin '). Here, at the confluence of Mosna and Huanchecsa rivers is located one of the most important monuments of pre-Inca's age, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the temple of Chavín de Huántar. It was built by Chavín civilization during the period from 1200 to 750 b.c. Later at their peak (around 500 b.c.) they culturally dominated the area from Piura to Paracas. Historically this civilization represents a significant example that not every power to rule has to be gained necessarily by a military force - shamans ruled in this place. But the Chavín story also teaches us that the decline of spiritual society comes when inherent authority steps to obscure cult.

The main purpose of this journey is more than 3000 years old indelible energy imprint of Chavín civilization to be tasted under lead of shamans - to pass the same rituals which people formerly pilgrimaged couple of weeks for, and after reaching the end of initiation returned to spiritually affect their country. Who or what forced people to build a huge stone complex from a material that doesn't occur there at all while there is no evidence of using the power of coercion – it persists as a mystery up today. Beside of thoughtful architecture you can also admire the symbols carved into the walls, columns, monoliths (Lanzon) and obelisks that express the balance of cosmic strengths in details.

track 14_Lima_Nazca

After returning to Lima we continue to visit another place of mysterious heritage - Nazca ('14_Lima_Nazca route '). The Nazca civilization settled this area during period of climate shift from the humid, rainy and fertile to desert -very dry (about 100 b.c. to 700 a.d.). Due to it they built unique aqueducts called Cantalloc in fourth century a.d. which are still functional. They probably treated the climate changes as increasing disfavor of gods and therefore supposedly built pyramid Cahuachi and huge geoglyphs to regain the favor of gods. However, according to mathematicians and astronomers this doesn't explain adequately the complexity and precision of the Nasca lines which cover area of 500 km2 and are visible in its entirety only from the plane. From another point of view this area is valuable for presence of many power zones that stretch from Paracas lines over Nazca lines to the Pacific coast south of San Juan de Marcona, and provide direct insight into the nature of universe and the source of existence free of haziness caused by human perception of time and space.

At the international airport in Lima before heading home my duties and obligations to the participants come to the end. Price is determined separately for each trip and is listed for a specific date at the beginning of this page. The price of 2200 EUR is verified as sufficient through the years of experience - thus covers all the common costs in case of one month stay and participation of 6-8 people as far as we visit Balsa Puerto and other three destinations from the offer. We would have to extend the stay to two months to explore all the offered places.

an equatorial shape of the moon

The price includes a return ticket from Prague, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris or London, all the meals, shared accommodation in hotels (single, double and triple rooms as agreed), all the transfers by car, bus, taxi, boat, plane within Peru , tickets to museums - permissions to guarded areas, sessions with shaman and my reward. The common costs don't include what everyone buys and pays for himself - such as gifts and souvenirs for his relatives, rubber boots, hammock, mosquito net, beers, coffees, sweets, fruit juices, herbal liqueurs and travel & accident insurance.

Even when this article is listed in category 'Healing', it shouldn't be treated as just healing of sickness – we can heal ourself on many different levels as I described it in the article 'Individual treatment'. If you sensed a need to look at your life from another perspective, to step back from groovy patterns shading the view, to sort out the correctness and advisability of self-attitudes, to organize worth-ladder, to find a new satisfying life-direction, to get rid of groping in doubts and common dynamism, then the work with energy through shamanic tradition is the right choice for you and trip to Peru can significantly help you to rediscover your own potential, to gather up your mental forces and to activate extrasensory perception. The only requirement is that you don't just passively wait for help from the outside, but you seek the inspiration how to effectively help yourself. Your spiritual path is supposed to be longer then just one-month escape from the current reality.

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