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the booking for Nov trip
has been opened
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Join people around the world,
share full moon meditation on
Wed 16th Feb 2022 17:57 UTC
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Spiritual tuition during the stay in Peru
„juane“ marketed in Munichis
don Roque picking the herbs
one man camp in the rainforest
trail for machete
more often view in protected areas as well
a landscape destroyed due to coffee plantation
the Panan village
rocks covered by vegetation
„no name“ waterfalls
the most fontal inhabitants of this planet
a temple of the tablet medicine proudly despising surrounding natural remedies
butterfly farm
blind musicians
The Christmas in Moyobamba
The Christmas in Tarapoto
„contemplation“ retreat in Balsa Puerto
would you like masato? - no
... but the fish yes
Canoa Puerto - el ultimo pueblo
the steps of victory
the energy flow with damping
the energy flow free of damping